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Exedra2 Exedra2 Star and Exedra2 Smart are evolutions of the Exedra system, which, thanks to an innovatively-engineered mechanism, enable the simultaneous movement of two linked doors. It is a patented mechanism with assisted door extraction and door insertion, operated by a magnetically-assisted motion-control system that confers a smooth and perfectly balanced movement. Thanks to the motion-control system, the handle can be fixed at the edges of the doors, allowing effortless opening and closing with one hand. Furthermore, with the aid of the electric Push kit, it is possible to use both versions on handle-less furniture. The whole mechanism is self-supporting and fixed to the side of the cabinet; there are no load-bearing frontal profiles on either the top or bottom of the cabinet, thus eliminating any need for additional central supports. Exedra2 Star and Exedra2 Smart can be used in a host of application to enable a significant functional optimisation of space, from walk-in wardrobes to larder units for kitchens, home office solutions and in storage applications

  • DOUBLE pocket door system with cam-assisted door extraction and cushioned door insertion.
  • Door characteristics:
  • Adjustment:
       - vertical adjustment ± 5 mm
       - horizontal adjustment ± 3.5 mm
       - front adjustment: - upper ± 3 mm
                                   - lower ± 2 mm
  • Maximum weight for single door: 25 Kg
  • Doors thickness: min 18 mm - max 25 mm
  • Width of single door – Exedra2 Smart: min 550 mm - max 850 mm
  • Doors height: min 1800 mm - max 2600 mm
  • The right mechanism and the left mechanism are independent of each other, therefore it is possible to order them individually.
    If they are installed on the same cabinet, they must be configured as a pair.




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